Neuherbs Daily Probiotics with Prebiotic, Blend of six healthy Probiotics (20 Billion CFU ) with added Vitamin C, E & Selenium | For Immunity & Gut Health – 120 Capsules for Women & Men

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Considering the deficiencies of healthy PROBIOTICS bacteria in the body due to poor eating habits and unprescribed intake of antibiotics, Neuherbs has introduced Daily Probiotics supplement for men & women, formulated with 6 potent and healthy probiotic strains offering 20 billion CFU of live culture per serving (2 capsules) to support your gut health. This daily probiotic supplement not only provides you with a distinct culture of friendly strains but along with it also contains added prebiotic (Fructooligosaccharides 100 mg per serving) to feed the good microbes of your gut and support their growth. Apart from this Probiotics and Prebiotic Blend Supplement, to make this formulation extraordinary, Neuherbs Daily Probiotics supplement offers the antioxidant care of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Selenium to provide internal and external care to your body. This combo of potent probiotic strains and antioxidants can help you to reach your health goals more efficiently by helping you in restoring the beneficial bacteria that may have been lost as a result of poor diet, the overuse of antibiotics, food poisoning, or environmental toxins. Thus, it helps promote overall health and well-being. With an extraordinary and innovative formulation, Neuherbs focuses on providing quality products that are pure & safe for human consumption without harmful preservatives, additives & allergens that are certified by the food safety standards of India. FROM MANUFACTURER – Why settle for less when you can have the best? This ideology kept us going to innovate a formula named Neuherbs Probiotics Supplement. It is formulated so that you can reap maximum benefits that are associated with the product. The healthy cocktail of Probiotics + Prebiotic + vitamins + minerals provide you not only internal protection but along with it provides external protection. It also helps in boosting immunity thus helping you to protect yourself from external damage by free radicals.

  • Probiotics For Men & Women-Contains probiotics (6 strains) with prebiotics for complete gut wellness.
  • Why Unique- Offers extra support of vitamins & minerals to fight bad elements in the gut & improve health.
  • Boost Immunity- The antioxidant care helps natural enhance immune response by promoting immunity.
  • Maintain Healthy Gut- Good for binge eaters & elders who suffer regular digestive issues like bloating.
  • Veg & Safe Formula- Free from any added preservatives to provide a better & healthy gut solution.

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