Neuherbs True Calcium Supplement With Vitamin D3


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  • 100% Vegan – Made with vegan and naturally sourced ingredients.
  • More Absorbable – Sourced from calcium citrate to deliver more bioavailable Calcium tablets.
  • Boost Bone Strength- Help improve bone mineral density to manage the risks of bone fractures & osteoporosis.
  • Additional Vitamin D3 & Magnesium- To increase and fasten the absorption of calcium Tablets.
  • Gut Friendly- One a day Calcium tablets & are gentle on stomach even for elderly.

True Calcium is your daily calcium tablet by Neuherbs and contains more bioavailable 1000 mg calcium citrate, plant-based vitamin D3, and naturally sourced magnesium for daily bone care. It is the smart calcium tablet for men & women, with a 3-in-1 action formula that contains precise doses of Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Magnesium, all of which work together to build and maintain strong bones, increase bone density, and regulate muscle relaxation and contraction.

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